4 Easiest Ways to Use Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

You could say, eyelash extensions are one of the options to enhance the appearance of women. You could say that the use of eyelash extensions is one of the makeup features that is not only easy to find, but also proven to be effective in giving a beautiful and charming appearance. Although widely used by women, there are still many who do not know what eyelash extension itself is.

Basically, eyelash extension is the process of connecting real eyelashes. The main ingredients used such as artificial eyelashes are carefully connected to the original eyelashes and look thicker, longer and naturally curved. The eyelash grafting process is usually done for 2 hours, depending on the skill of the installation technique and the quality of the extension glue used. Unlike false eyelashes which are generally disposable and must be discarded afterwards, the results of eyelash extensions with proper technique and care can last up to 3 months.

Now maybe many of you may not know how to use eyelash extensions that need to be known, especially for beginners. But with many beauty clinic salons that provide eyelash extension services. However, almost all of these salons require us to queue long enough. There are even salons whose waiting lists are up to days and the fees offered are also expensive. This time we will discuss how to use eyelash extensions in the easiest way and you need to know the following.

  • Choose According to Your Needs

Choose an eyelash model that suits your needs. For example, by adjusting your profession. If you work as an employee in a company or a housewife, you should use a type of eyelash that is natural and not too excessive to be the right choice.

This kind of choice will be safer if you use it because it does not cause a look that is too striking. But if your job is an entertainer and is required to always look attractive, you can choose the type of eyelash that is more voluminous than the natural type.

  • Tools to Prepare

Before doing eyelash extensions, there are some tools that you need to prepare. Because arguably doing eyelash extension requires precision and tools that are much more complete. Among them are eyelash tweezers, special eyelash extension glue, ring or container for extension glue, eyelash extension, eye tape, eyelash brush, and tape. You need to prepare these tools completely.

  • The Right Eye Position

The most appropriate position to install eyelash extensions is by raising your eyebrows and looking down past your nose in front of the mirror. This position will make it easier for you to install the eyelashes, as well as prevent the glue from dirtying your eyelids.

  • Steps to Perform

First, use tape and stick it on the eyelid to lift your eyelid so that it is easier when attaching eyelashes. Second, apply eye tape or eye stickers to separate the upper eyelashes and the lower eyelashes. Then the sticker is affixed to the lower lash.

Next is to pour the glue set in a small container. Then take or pry the eyelash extension per strand slowly and then dip the tip of the eyelash into the glue using your right hand. Then part your eyelash hair using tweezers with your left hand. Stick the eyelash extension on the hair close to the root of your eyelashes. Do not stick to the skin around the eyelashes because it will cause irritation caused by the extension glue.

After that, do it repeatedly from the center to the end of the outer eye. And finally, use a mini portable to dry so that the eyelash glue adheres strongly, and comb your eyelashes using an eyelash brush slowly so that the results can be neater again.

Now that you know what eyelash extensions are and how to use them, another thing that is no less important is where you can get various eyelash extension products. We from PT Inkobuma Beauty Indonesia come with a wide selection of high quality eyelash extensions in Jakarta. For those of you who are interested, you can visit our website at for various other interesting info and catalogs.

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