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Hair Brush Distributor

Hair Brush Distributor – Hair brush or what many often refer to as a comb or hair brush is one of the important tools to support your appearance. The use of this hair brush is very important to make your hair neat and shiny. But even though combs are starting to be widely used and favored, there are many people who may not know what the importance of using a comb or hair brush is along with a hair brush that is suitable for your hair.

A hair brush, or more popularly called a hair brush is a comfortable tool to use to comb your short or long hair. The advantage of using a hair brush or hair brush is that the tip of the comb or hair brush is usually also a tool to massage and improve blood circulation in the head. Before using this hair brush or comb, first recognize the types of hair brushes so you can choose the most appropriate one for your hair type.

Types Of Hair Brushes

Basically, there are several types of combs or hair brushes that you need to pay attention to and adjust to your hair type. Here are some types of combs or hair brushes that you need to understand and know and can be a consideration for you.

  • Round Hair Brush

Most women certainly have a comb that has a round shape and has a diameter in the middle. Not a few also most women name this comb with the name blow comb. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with the mention of the name, because this comb does have a function to make blow hairstyles or more voluminous.

But the name of this comb itself is Round Hair Brush which has the main function to make hair more wavy. With a small diameter in the center of this comb can also produce waves on smaller hair and vice versa.

  • Pick Comb

This type of comb or hair brush is one of the combs that most women have. But it turns out that many do not know about the main function of this one comb or hair brush. For your information, Pick Comb is widely used to untangle and tidy up tangled hair, curls or curly hair.

With a shape that resembles a fork, it has teeth that are loose and flat so it is very easy to hold. This type of comb is also one of the most favorite combs for many women because it makes it easier for users to comb their hair more perfectly.

  • Teasing Brush

Teasing brush also has a shape resembling a brush and is often used to brush hair before making a bun. The use of this hair brush also has several other functions, among others, is a hair brush that is safe to use because it can protect the scalp from comb scratches and make hair smoother and easier to style.

  • Tail Comb

In addition to teasing brushes, combs or hair brushes that are also commonly used to brush hair are Tail Comb. This hair brush has teeth quite tightly between one another, has a sharp tail that serves to divide the hair into several parts and also has other functions such as tidying up bangs and hair ends.

  • Vented Brush

Vented Brush is a comb or hair brush that has fairly sparse teeth accompanied by holes at the base of the comb which has a function to dry the hair when going to blow using a hair dryer.

The use of this hair brush will not spend a lot of time drying hair with a hair dryer which can make hair damaged and unhealthy. Not only that, you know. And this comb also has other functions, among others, such as organizing hair for easy control and styling.

Hair Brush Distributor Information

Now after knowing what the hair brush is along with various types of hair brushes, another thing that is no less important is to find a quality hair brush distributor. Now for those of you who live in Jakarta, we from PT Inkobuma Beauty Indonesia are here with a wide selection of high quality hair brushes.

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