Check out the easiest way to care for eyelash extensions

easiest way to care for eyelash extensions

Lately eyelash extensions are becoming a trend, especially for women such as easiest way to care for eyelash extensions. Many women choose to use eyelash extensions because eyelash extensions can save makeup time so there is no need for mascara to make eyelashes look curlier and thicker. Eyelash extensions can also last approximately six to eight weeks.

If you are interested in using eyelash extensions, here are some beginner tips that you can try:

The Easiest Eyelash Extension Tips for Beginners

  1. Research eyelash experts
    Before deciding to use eyelash extension, you should first find out a trusted eyelash extension place or service such as easiest way to care for eyelash extensions. Because each place or service certainly has a different lashtician. For that you need to research places or services that have a licensed or certified lashtician. This is so that the eyelash extension that has been applied is not easily damaged during its use.
  2. Avoid steam or water
    Newly applied eyelash extensions should not be exposed to steam or water for approximately 24 hours. The goal is that the eyelashes that have been extended need time to dry. But it usually depends on the type of glue used. So make sure before installing you have asked the lashtician who installed the extensions such as easiest way to care for eyelash extensions. To be safe, you can avoid excessive heat on the first day of use. If you accidentally get them wet, you can dry them and comb them to make them look neat.
  3. Sleeping on your back
    During the first day of using eyelash extensions, it is important to sleep on your back. This is because the glue needs some time to dry completely and sleeping on your side may damage the position of the eyelash extensions.
  4. Avoid eye makeup
    The next way to care for eyelash extensions is to avoid eye makeup such as eyeshadow or eyeliner. But if you still want to apply this eye makeup, of course it’s okay. However, it will make the eyelash extensions live shorter unless you can clean the eye makeup without disturbing the eyelash extensions. And if you want to remove eye makeup, you can use a small cotton swab or cotton bud with miccelar water to remove it.
  5. Comb the eyelashes
    Furthermore, to tidy up eyelash extensions that look untidy or blend with others, you can comb your eyelashes regularly using a spoolie brush or special eyelash comb. The trick is to place the spoolie brush under the eyelashes then comb it with a rolling motion from the inside out.
  6. Don’t touch your eyelashes too often
    Eyelashes do fall out naturally, so if you are using eyelash extensions this will help encourage it when the eyelashes start to grow long. If the lengthening of the eyelashes makes the eyelash extensions look out of place, then you can avoid playing or touching the eyelashes. If the eyelash extension makes the eyelash extension look out of place, then you can avoid playing or touching the eyelashes by twisting or pulling them. This is so that you will not lose the loss of false and natural eyelashes.
  7. Do not pull out eyelash extensions yourself
    The last tip in caring for eyelash extensions is to try not to pull out eyelash extensions yourself. It is feared that it can damage the original eyelashes if you pull it out in the wrong way. If you already want to stop using it, you have to go back to the place or service where you installed the eyelash extension and ask the lashtician to pull it out.

Those are some of the easiest eyelash extension tips for beginners such as easiest way to care for eyelash extensions. Now you know what to do and what not to do to ensure eyelash extensions can last longer. In addition to knowing eyelash you also have to know the type, type, and nature of your eyelashes in order to choose the eyelash that is suitable for use.

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